We are a City of Spectacular Spires

From January through April 2015, we held more than twenty small and large group discussions related to the George Street Overpass project. These community conversations were organized to inform our community about this exciting public art initiative, and also to ask for their input—a way to inform the artists engaged in the project about the character of Pawtucket, its history, and its future. These are some of their responses, related to Pawtucket as A City of Spectacular Spires—with unique characteristics, all its own.

We are a city of spectacular spires—smoke stacks, churches, city hall tower & Apex building

It’s a historical city but it’s kind of a modern city too

We are a combination of small town with the ‘bigness’ of a city

Pawtucket is edgy and should be kept that way

A quiet city, close to everything

A city with a loudness and edge we don’t want to loose


We are in flux—and that is our edge

We have Hasbro and that’s cool

There is historical stuff but also art and a night music scene

There is a lot of brick…maybe too much

Pawtucket is a quirky city