In Pawtucket, you know your neighbor

From January through April 2015, we held more than twenty small and large group discussions related to the George Street Overpass project. These community conversations were organized to inform our community about this exciting public art initiative, and also to ask for their input—a way to inform the artists engaged in the project about the character of Pawtucket, its history, and its future. These are some of their responses, related to Pawtucket as A City Where You Know Your Neighbor.

We are very community-based and close knit in Pawtucket

Pawtucket is the Mayberry of Rhode Island

There are so many little neighborhoods

We watch out for each other, you can trust people here

We are villages of people often living around our churches

In Pawtucket, you know your neighbor because it is such a small space

I’ve gotten to know everyone on my block—we are from Columbia, Haiti, Liberia, Cape Verde and Israel