See the Proposals for the George Street Overpass

In August 2015, three finalists visited Pawtucket to share their concepts for the George Street Overpass. Be sure to take the survey to help decide which will move forward!


Brower Hatcher, Mid-Ocean Studio

What we aspire to provide is an image of Pawtucket’s spirit. In 1793 Slater Mill was the origin of the American textile industry, It defined the entrepreneurial concept of focusing energy through technology to create products and satisfy infinitely expanding global markets. This is the creative spirit of Pawtucket. Our proposal embodies this awakened spirit and empowers it to arise from the river rocks and come up over I-95 showing the way to a life enhancing resurrection of Pawtucket. Our design is a 180-foot long kinetic sculptural installation that taps the I-95 traffic flow as its energy source. The highway’s winds and passing lights will activate components of the sculpture. Our proposal aspires to harness this energy and to turn it into a community-enhancing engine of prosperity.  |  Finalist Concept Design (PDF)


Joshua Wiener

Imagination is at the core of this artwork titled “Color-ful Pawtucket”. The composition is about allowing art to flourish so that we can improve our environment and elevate our community. The design has imagery streaming across the city (and the bridge). What starts with a musician at a piano, emerges to become something bold and new and exciting across the expanse of George Street. Colorful bursts can be interpreted as musical sounds, flowers, fish…anything the viewer imagines. When driving through or past the bridge one will feel like they are in a forest of imagination. Members from the community will be asked to imagine shapes that the artist will then transpose into colorful metal fixtures across the bridge’s expanse. |   Finalist Concept Design (PDF)


Zhao Suikang

Brightly colored seventy-foot zones of perforated stainless sheet metal and a mass of forged vine metal text will bring form, color and language to the bridge. The perforated metal sheet relates to Pawtucket’s textile industry in the early days and utilizes today’s last technology to produce a fabric-like visual result. The text vine is forged and refers to the past with a more organic handmade process. The words within the artwork will be generated by a series of community events. The artwork will be illuminated at night.  |  Finalist Concept Design (PDF)